Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter PowerHouse 2010

This is what the Winter PowerHouse 2010 looks like in Bedford, Pennsylvania....more specifically, at our home.  We measured 21 inches of snow.  Our Boston Terrier girls think it is 21 feet of the white stuff.  Here are some pictures I took yesterday with my Canon A640.  Looks like a mini Scrapbook in the making....

The snow really is long as you don't have to travel.

Here our girls, the Boston Terrier Mother and Daughter team, enjoy their run in the snow of the Winter PowerHouse.

This is the little area my husband shoveled for them, but she can hardly turn around.  Arent' they cute in their little coats?

We call the baby, Sweet Pea, when she is wearing her green coat.  She has had just about enough of the snow!

Pup-Pup is heading for the door.

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