Friday, March 12, 2010

Simply Adorned Charm Necklace

This unbelievably lovely was given to me by my Upline's Upline (that's all Demo talk) Ann Veneziano for being 2nd in sales for 2009 in our Stampin' Up! group.  I was so surprised to hear that news and then to receive such a wonderful gift that Ann stamped here are the pictures and details of my Simply Adorned Charm Necklace.
This is the Rectangle Charm with the beveled glass side showing.  It has tempered glass and you could change the inserts to suit your mood or the seasons, if you want.

This photograph shows the gift box that each Simply Adorned Charm or Chain comes packaged in....don't you just love this 24" stainless-steel chain?  I know that I do.

This is the flip side of the Simply Adorned Charm....or the smooth tempered glass side.

This is the close-up picture of the toggle clasp and Stampin' Up! charm identifier on the chain.  What a beautiful gift.  Thank you to all my customers and thank you to Ann, too.

Your Ink Link,

                                                                        Denise Foor

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