Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pastel Boston Terriers

Ok, I admit that it isn't normal, but my entire family loves Boston Terriers....well, maybe not the entire family, but a huge majority.  I wanted to share a few pictures with you today of my wonderful pups and a beautiful portrait that my artist niece, Shannon Foor created for us.

This is the beautiful pet portrait that Shannon presented to us as a gift.  She captured their personalities perfectly.  Shannon does both pet portraits and caracitures.  She works from photograghs in many cases, like she did for us.  You can see Shannon's work at her website here.

Our oldest granddaughter dressing "her" Boston Terrier in baby doll clothes. 

This is how Haille carries Sluggo around the house.

Our pups, you can see how much Shannon's portrait looks like the real pups!!!
My dog, Pup-Pup (on the left) will be 13 years old on her birthday and her daughter, Sluggo is 7 years old.

Our youngest granddaughter, Stella, with my Mom's Boston Terrier, Chucky.  They are both 2 years old.

My sister, Sandy, also owns 2 Boston Terriers, so you can see it really does run in the family.  Here they are Ya-Ya and Luke with Sandy's husband, Mike.

I will be posting more Stampin' Up! samples later.  Stay tuned.

Until Next Time,
Denise Foor


  1. Oh wow--one of these photos looks like it's a 2 headed dog! Love them all--they are a very smart breed.

  2. Nice to see our Black and Whites on your post....and Mike too. lol


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