Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peeps and Bunnies at Tractor Supply

We took the grandgirls to see the peeps, ducks and bunnies at Tractor Supply this week.  They really loved them.  All the ducks had found homes, so they had flown the coop!

Ok, just so you know how old I am....when I was little we would go to G.C. Murphy Co. (the five and dime) and the peeps would be dyed purple, green, blue, etc.  It was a very exciting trip to town.  Does anyone else remember that?  Yes, I heard in later years that it hurt the baby chicks (we call them peeps in my neck of the woods) but they were ever so cute!

There were only 3 bunnies left.  I didn't realize we were such a hot spot for bunnies, chicks and ducks, but we must be.  My BIL said that they have since refreshed their chick supply, but no more ducks yet.  We are on the look out since Easter is still weeks away.

After seeing the movie, HOP, we are really ready for the bunnies and chicks.  LOL

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