Friday, April 8, 2011

Wood Mounts

Caring for Wood Mount Stamps

When I purchase wood mount stamps, I like to spray my wood with an acrylic spray before mounting my rubber. I use a basic clear acrylic high gloss spray and it doesn't really matter what what brand name. They all work pretty well. The reason I spray my wood is to protect it for long-term use....I plan to use these stamps a long, long time!

I spray the bottom (where the rubber goes) and the sides, but not the top where the clear SU sticker is placed (after spraying).

Usually, I spray outdoors for good ventilation and place the wood blocks on used white copy paper. I spray 2 light coats on each block.

Spraying your wood certainly isn't necessary, I just like really clean stamps. LOL Now, the rest of my house is a another story......

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