Sunday, May 8, 2011

Boston Terrier Update

Several folks have asked me about our new Boston Terrier, Buckie.  In fact, several local customers have stopped by to see him.  So, I thought I would post some pictures of the brood and give you a glimpse into the everyday life of our "herd", as I call them.

This is Pup-Pup, the Matriarch, sleeping in a very uncomfortable wire basket in the basement.  She is 13 years old and a real sweetheart.  She is considered an "opposite" for a Boston Terrier because she is mostly white instead of black.  No one wanted her because of that, but she has been the best dog ever!  She is loyal and true.

Here is another one of Pup-Pup's unusual sleeping positions.  She covers herself up on the most uncomfortable chair and hangs out over the edge.  How can she sleep?

Here is my Buckie Boy with my Brother-in-law, Mike on Easter.

Buckie Boy again with our oldest Granddaughter.  When I first looked at this picture, I realized he is as wide as she is.....oh my goodness!

My husband shares his dog, Sluggo with our granddaughter and you can see that Sluggo isn't too happy as she watches Buckie Boy being held by her human. 

All the dogs seem pretty happy now that Buckie is living here.  It is fun to see them play with each other and jockey for space on the couch.  They are a big part of the family and like so many people we are really attached to them.

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