Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beach Party Fun

During the granddaughters summer vacation, the little one decided it would be great fun to have a Beach Party on the porch.  She made a cake out of grass (maybe it was mostly weeds) and dishes from her sandbox and invited us all outside to her party.  BUT and this is a very big but....before we could go we all had to get "dressed" including the Boston Terriers....

Stella "dressing" her dog, Pup-Pup, for the Beach Party.  Now, Pup-Pup is my dog and is over 13 years old, but she loves Stella so much that she lets her do anything she wants.  I tried to tell Pup-Pup to run, but she just stood there and got "dressed".  It wasn't even real cake!

Haille's dog, Sluggo, got "dressed", too.  Finally we are ready for "cake"!  The pups were not happy when they found out it was made of grass.  LOL

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