Thursday, February 16, 2012

Glitter Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is a lifelong activity that a lot of us enjoy at least once a children, as parents and later as grandparents!  These wonderful orbs offer a great challenge to some of us because they offer a wonderful shape to work with and after Winter....well, we are thrilled to try out the Springtime colors on those eggs. It is a special Easter ritual.  It is true what they say, though, and eggs aren't just for Easter anymore.  You see them popping up in home decor, on Christmas trees and throughout the year.

In years past I've tried my hand at some different types of eggs...

You can see my full post and tutorial here for my Cigar Box egg.

You can see my full post and tutorial here for my punch flower eggs.

And today I have my beautiful glitter eggs to share with you.  These are a lot of fun to make and add a lot of sparkle to your centerpiece or basket!

Papers:  Various Designer Series Paper Scraps
Tools and Accessories:  paper mache eggs (non-SU); Fine Galaxy and Fine Supernova Gitter (page 201) in Champagne, Chocolate, Olive, Orange, Aqua; Butterfly Punch; Tombow glue; Tissue paper (non-SU), old paint brush

I mix my Tombow glue with water (1/2 glue to 1/2 water ratio) to make my own Modpodge. I save the little snack containers that my little granddaughters use to mix my concoctions. They make great free mixing bowls.

Choose a tissue paper that is close to your glitter color.  Cut the tissue paper wide enough to go around the egg and overlap about 1 inch.  It needs to be about 2 1/2 times longer than the the egg.  Cut narrow strips on both ends of the tissue paper to make it easy to glue it to the shape of the egg.

The tissue paper is just to add a color beneath the glitter.  Use an old paint brush to paint your egg and you just wrap it around the egg.  By cutting the strips at the end, you can easily color the odd shape of both ends of the egg.

Using your brush, again cover you egg with your Tombow mixture and roll in your glitter.  Use a jelly spoon to insure complete glitter coverage by spooning glitter all over the egg.

Allow to dry for 24 hours.

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