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What to Use When

Are you confused about which adhesives to use for your projects? Do you wonder
which is best in which situations? Here is a quick and easy guide to
my favorite adhesives.
SNAIL Adhesive is the mainstay for my papercrafting
projects. It is a double-sided adhesive film that rolls
on easily to a piece of card stock or paper. It works
best when adhering two flat layers together. Refills
are available.
Tip: If you need to take layers apart for repositioning
or because you changed your mind, simply heat
with the Heat Tool and you will be able to separate
the pieces.

Mini Glue Dots: Whoever invented these should get
a medal! They are really handy for attaching
embellishments to a project, like buttons, ribbons,
punched shapes, chipboard etc. To use, press the
embellishment on top of the Glue Dot. When you
pull it away, the glue dot sticks to the embellishment,
then you can attach it to your project. Or you can
pick up a Glue Dot with the point of a Hobby Blade
or Paper Piercing Tool and transfer it to your project.
Tip: Keep the unused Glue Dots on the roll covered
or you will have stray dots sticking to everything on
your table!

Stampin’ Dimensionals: These are little hexagonal
pieces of foam with adhesive on both sides. Use
them when you want to give an embellishment or
layer a lift. They are great for adding dimension and
depth to a project.
Tip: When you have used up all the hexagonal
pieces, don’t throw the sheet away! Make snips in
the leftover pieces around the edges to get the most
from your purchase. I especially like using these
pieces when I am adhering something small so that
the Dimensional doesn’t show.

 Sticky Strip is great for 3-D projects because it is stronger than SNAIL. When making boxes there is more tension on the adhesive than when putting flat layers together. Can be removed just like SNAIL—use the Heat Tool to warm the layers where you have put the Sticky Strip, then gently separate the pieces.
Tip: Sticky Strip works great for adhering ribbon,
especially if you want to gather or pleat or ruche it.

Dotto is a temporary adhesive that rolls onto the
paper. I use it whenever I design a project to put
things together so I can take the pieces apart to make
changes. This helps me to explore my creativity to
the max, since I can experiment with different
colors, shapes, images, embellishments, etc.,
without having to start all over on a project. Refills
are available.

Tip: Use Dotto when using the Stamp-a-ma-jig.
Adhere your card stock to Grid Paper (or whatever
 paper you use under your projects) so that it does
not shift around when you are positioning your
stamp with the image sheet.

 2-Way Glue Pen: It is called 2-way Glue because when you put pieces together when the glue is wet, it is permanent. When you let the glue dry before putting them together, it is temporary. The glue is blue when it is wet, but dries clear. It is the perfect glue for glitter because the chisel-shaped tip allows you to add the glue precisely where you want it, even small areas in a stamped outline. It goes on in a very thin layer, as well, so you don’t get globs of glue and glitter on your project.
Tip: The chisel tip retracts slightly when you
 press it to the project, which increases the flow
 of glue. Be careful not to push the tip down so
much that you get a flood of glue!

Adhesive Sheets are 12x12 sheets of adhesive film with slick backing and top sheets. They work great for adding glitter to an entire piece, like your focal point. Or for attaching fabric to card stock.
Tip: Put Adhesive Sheet on card stock or fabric,
then punch out a shape, or cut with a die.

Tombow Multipurpose Adhesive: This versatile glue gives a very strong bond, but cannot be undone once it is dry. So if you make a mistake you either live with it or start over. Use it on 3-D items for an even stronger, more permanent bond than Sticky Strip. One of the advantages to this adhesive is that you have a few seconds to reposition your layers before it starts setting up so you can slide things into the exact alignment you want. This is really helpful when trying to get a mat lined up straight!
Tip: Use just a very thin bead of glue on your
project, or the card stock will get wet and buckle as
it dries. Warning: If you have Latex allergies, be aware that this
glue contains Latex.

 Adhesive Remover: Have you ever ruined a project
 because it stuck to your Grid Paper when youinadvertently put it down where there is a bit of stray SNAIL or other adhesive? I have learned to use the Adhesive Remover to clean up my work surface after gluing things in order to prevent such accidents. Just rub the stray adhesive with the corner or edge of the Remover and it will come right up.
Tip: When the corners or edges of the Adhesive
Remover get gunked up, you can pull the yucky
adhesive off with your fingers OR you can cut a bit
of the rubber off of the corner to get a clean surface.

Crystal Effects is a very strong glue that is milky
when wet and dries clear. When I need a really
strong bond on a project where I am putting an
uneven embellishment on a flat piece of card stock, I
use Crystal Effects. It is a very strong bond, and the
glue fills in the empty spaces between the layers.

Tip: Crystal Effects can take a long time to dry,
especially if you have used a lot of it. Be sure to set
your project aside until it has set so that you don’t
ruin it and have to start over! Ask me how I know this?

I hope you find this little lesson on adhesives helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at And if you need to order any of these items, you can go to my online Stampin’ Up! store. The item numbers are listed below.

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Until Next Time,
Denise Foor

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