Friday, June 15, 2012

Stamp Cleaning 101

Stamp Cleaning Stampin' Scrub with Mist Technique

Anyone who has taken a class with me or gone to one of my workshops, knows that I do not stamp without my Stampin' Scrub. When I first started stamping, I cleaned my stamps with baby wipes, water and paper towels, or even a rag. I held off on the Stampin' Scrub as an unnecessary expense. But, once I purchased a scrub, it became a must have item to recommend to new stampers. The scrub cleans your stamps in seconds without any of the fiber residue that can come from other methods.  It is also easy to carry in your tote to take with you to all events.  And any tool that makes cleaning up while you stamp so easy will help keep you stamping!

The problem with Baby Wipes is that even if you search out the ones that are scent and alcohol free, they still leave little white lint (fiber residue) all over your stamps.  Plus they may dry your stamps out over time. 

The new larger Stampin' Scrub.  Each side of the tray is 7" x 7". 
 #126200   $16.95

Even though it is called a Stampin' Scrub, you don't need to Scrub....a few swipes on the tray with the Stampin' Mist.....then a swipe or two on the "dry" side and the stamp is nice and clean.

  Spray a little Stampin' Mist on one side of the scrub, wipe your stamp clean, then dry your stamp on the clean scrub on the opposite side. Quick! Easy! No mess! HAPPY DAYS!

There is even an 8 ounce refill bottle.

StazOn Cleaner cleans, conditions and prevents staining your stamps when you use StazOn ink.

If you have wood mount stamps, you may want to check out this post about how to spray your blocks before mounting your rubber stamps.  This will make the blocks easier to keep clean, too.

No matter how you clean your stamps, be careful NOT get water between the rubber and the wood, as the adhesive will get wet and the rubber image will begin to come off. You also don't want to get your wood blocks too wet as the  wood can start to warp.  With soap and water or other cleaners, over time the rubber may dry out and crack whereas the Stampin' Mist cleans and conditions the rubber.  

If you use the clear mount stamps, the Stampin' Mist will clean up the blocks beautifully.

To clean your STAMPIN' SCRUB:
Use warm water and hand soap, again no dishwasher
 detergent here, and rub this into the nylon fibers of the cleaning pads. Rinse and you will see all the colored inks run out. Stand upright to dry or dry on a towel. If you still see ink running off after rinsing, clean again.

Do not put these nylon pads or the entire Stampin' Scrub in the dishwasher to wash them as may  warp.   Also some dishwasher cleansers can have solvents in them, which can damage your stamps when you use your Scrub.  It comes clean with just a rinse in the sink. 

Hope you found these tips useful.

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