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Aqua Painter

The Stampin’ Up!® Aqua Painter is a high quality tool that is very easy to use.  Unlike some cheaper craft store finds, the Stampin’ Up! Aqua Painter has a “check valve” between the barrel and the bristles.  This keeps the painters from leaking water and also prevents the color from being pulled into the barrel.  Easy to clean, the Aqua Painter can be used over an over again with different colors.

The following are some tips and ideas for using the Aqua Painter created by Monica Swenson.  I thought I would share it with you here in order to give you  more ideas of what the Aqua Painters can do for you.

General Tips

·   You get 2 sizes of Aqua Painters:  12mm and 15 mm brush sizes.  The larger one is great for applying color in large brushstrokes or over large areas.  You can add fine detail using just the tip of the smaller one to get into tiny places.
·   After filling the barrel with your liquid, gently squeeze to saturate the tip.  If the tip is too wet, just wipe on a paper towel to remove excess liquid.
·   When you want to switch colors, simply squeeze the barrel and wipe the tip on a paper towel until the liquid comes out clear.

Aqua Painter with Water

·   When water coloring with the Aqua Painter, first stamp your image in Basic Black or Basic Brown.  These inks are waterproof and won’t bleed.
·   You can use the Classic Stampin’ Pads, Classic Ink Refills, Stampin’ Write Markers or Water Color Pencils with the Aqua Painter filled with water.
·   The Aqua Painter will not work with the Stampin’ Pastels.
·   Use the Aqua Painter filled with water to color wash a background or create beautiful sunsets.
·   Stamp a line are image with any of the classic pads (other then Basic Black or Basic Brown) and then use the Aqua Painter to shade in and soften the look of the image.
·   Use the Aqua Painter filled with water to “paint” a line on Mulberry paper.  This makes it easier to get an accurate tear.
·   Use the Aqua Painter filled with water to seal your envelopes.  No more tasting the glue!
·   When you’re done using the Aqua Painter, empty the barrel and wipe the moisture form the brush tip for storage.

Aqua Painter with Bleach

·   Emboss your stamped image before bleaching it.
·   Use the Aqua Painter filled with bleach to remove color from areas of your image.  This looks fantastic on the darker colors of cardstock.
·   When you’re done, make sure you thoroughly rinse the barrel and tip with water.  And also, squeeze plenty of water through the “check valve” to remove any bleach.  Wipe the tip dry before storage.

Aqua Painter with Future Floor Wax & Pearl Ex

·   You can use the Aqua Painter filled with Future Floor Wax to apply Pearl Ex to a stamped image.  The floor wax works as a fixative holding the Pearl Ex to the cardstock, so you don’t have to spray with hairspray.
·   Don’t stick the Aqua Painter in to the Pearl Ex.  You don’t want the floor wax in your PE container.  Instead, put some PE on a different surface.
·   Once you put floor wax into an Aqua Painter, that painter should only be used with floor wax.
·   When you are finished, it’s best to thoroughly clean the tip of the Aqua Painter and then wipe dry to remove moisture.

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