Saturday, October 13, 2012

Watercolor Wonder Crayons

Add Vibrant Color to Your Images!

These are my favorites for watercoloring.  You can blend these for watercolored effects using the Aqua painter or Blender pens.

Here are a few ideas for using your SU Watercolor Wonder Crayons.

SU Watercolor Wonder Crayons

Crayons Direct to Stamps

Use SU! Watercolor Wonder™ Crayons on your stamps for a great watercolor look using these 4 steps!

1. Rub the watercolor crayon directly on a bold image or fairly solid stamp.
You can use different colors of crayons and overlap to blend on the rubber. Start with your lightest color. Color until the stamp is completely covered. If it is hard to apply the crayon to your stamp, dampen the rubber a little bit with an aqua painter or brush.
2. Hold your stamp about 12” away and spray it with one or two fine mists from a water bottle or use the aqua painter or brush to lightly wet the stamp.
3. Stamp your image onto Watercolor Paper. Two or three images may be stamped from the same color application. If the stamp seems dry, re-moisten.
Shimmery White and Naturals White card stock also work well for water coloring as they won't wrinkle the paper.
4. If you have a two step image, stamp your outline image with waterproof ink, Black StazOn.


Ink a stamp that has an outline image with waterproof ink –Black StazOn for all card stock. Let ink dry or use heat gun to set or just Heat Emboss your outline image. 

Color in your image using ONE of the following techniques:

A.   Dip the tip of a blender pen onto the end of the watercolor crayon, then color image.
B.   Use your Aqua Painter on the end of your watercolor crayon and then color your stamped image.


With the Watercolor Wonder Crayons scribble coordinating colors all over your watercolor paper. Then use the Aqua Painter and spread color all over paper. Let dry completely, then stamp image on paper with Basic Black ink or Black StazOn.  Use your piece on any card or paper crafting item.

 Have fun!

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