Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rose Technique

Creped Paper or Coffee Filter Roses

You can use either the Stampin’ Up! White Creped Filter Paper #129393 or larger coffee filters for this technique. 

Items needed for this technique include:
Heat tool
Glue gun and hot glue stick
White Creped Filter Paper or Coffee Filters
Ink Pad
Silicone Craft Sheet
Needle Nose Pliers (rubber band, optional)
Stampin’ Spritzer

Cut your circle shape into a spiral.  Spray with water (this will allow the color you are about to apply next to penetrate the paper and 'bleed" for a natural dye effect)

After using the Stampin’ Spritzer to make the spiral very wet, I used the direct to paper method by stamping with my ink pad.  You could also use our Shimmer Paint to make these Roses.

To add more color or if you prefer, you can use your Dauber to color the wet paper.

To speed drying time, use your heat tool or let dry naturally.

 Now you will begin to wrap and form the rose.  I like to use needle nose pliers to hold the center of it secure.   Do not spiral this too tight as you go around, be sure to do it fairly loose.  You will begin the spiral (which will eventually be the center of the rose) in a much tighter twist, than you will end it. Be sure that as you spiral your make it looser and looser with ever 2-3 twists.  After every couple turns (full spirals), pause to arrange the "petals" of the flower to look as they should.  This is where you will form it as best you can. You can adjust it in the end to your liking, but it's so much easier to adjust it along the way.

I guess some people can even use tweezers for this, but not me.  I even wrap a rubber band around my pliers’ handles so I don’t lose the center of my Rose while wrapping.

When I’m ready to take the needle nose pliers out, I turn my Rose upside down and take the rubber band off and slowly release the pliers.

This is how it looks when you are done with the spiral and just before you are going to finish it with your glue.  You can try other adhesives, but I used my old Glue Gun since I was making these for a birthday package (instead of a bow).

Add your adhesive….

Finished bottom with circle covering bottom of Rose.

And here are my finished Roses that I used like a bow on a large birthday gift.      The gift wrap went in the trash, but believe me when I tell you that the Roses were saved along with the present.  I was so pleased.  

Let me know what you think.  And if you make some of these, please email me a picture because I would love to see them.

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