Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ribbon Tip

Today, I have a tip for you.  Sometimes my ribbon gets crinkled or SU kit ribbons come wrapped on boards, so I needed a quick and easy way to get my ribbon project ready!  Enter the flat iron.  This was a gift from my daughter and granddaughters and somehow they knew it would end up in my Studio....and they were right about that.

Here is how it works.

See that wrinkle....that is what we are going to get rid of with one quick swish of the flat iron.  This works so much better than all the other tricks that I've tried.  The light bulb idea never worked for me and now most of the light bulbs are curling q's.  LOL  And I know that I own a full-size iron, but don't ask me where it isn't my friend.

Nice and smooth, ready for use.

So, if you have a straightening iron or flat iron in one of your vanity drawers pull it out and move it to your Craft Room.  

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Denise Foor

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