Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stampin' Up! Framelits Storage

Some ladies like to keep Framelits in their original folders, some put them in the clear DVD-type cases with the matching stamp sets, others have fancier plans, but I finally came up with a storage system that suits me and my studio....

so I thought I would share it with you today!

I chose to line the back of my recycled armoire doors (it used to hold our TV, but now is quite comfy in my studio) with magnetic sheets. Then I took all of my Framelits, well the ones that have already arrived via UPS and placed them in plain site.

Here it is with the doors closed.

 This is how the Framelits come in their cute envelope/package.

I had a lot of adhesive-backed magnetic sheets left-over from previous projects, so I felt fine piecing together the magnetic sheets since this is on the back of my doors.

On the magnetic sheets that didn't have adhesive on the back, I just ran them throught my Xyron using the permanent adhesive.  It worked equally as well as the ones that came already prepared with the adhesive back.  And all of these magnetic sheets had been in my stash for years, so it is a happy day to put them to good use.

This is the left can see all of some of my wood-mount stamp sets inside the closet.  The drawers hold SU punches.

If you don't already own magnetic sheets, you can buy them at Craft Stores or  the Hardware Store.  They are made to cover heat registers.  Just run them through your Xryon to add adhesive.  It works great.

I got my magnetic sheets at a Big Box store years ago.  TIP:  The 2 I had came on a roll like wax paper does....I pulled them out and laid them flat under the area rug in my Studio......walked on them for a week or so until they were flat.  They had been in those boxes a long time.

I filled in the extra space with any magnetic sheet material I could find.  Even took some advertising magnets (business card type) off the fridge.  Sent them through my Xyron and cut them to fit the space that needed filled.  Love that.

I'll be honest they stick really, really well.  I could slam the door shut and they won't fall out.  Sometimes, I grab my tweezers to pull the Framelits off the magnetics so I don't mess up my nails.  

Hope this gives you some space-saving ideas!  Enjoy your Framelits and that Big Shot....

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Until Next Time,

Denise Foor


  1. I think this is brilliant, I wish I had one of these, I put mine on a cardboard type file system. ...but I like yours better

    Heather Bourke

  2. wow you must have every framelet in the stampin up catalog!! how cool.
    where did you get your magnet sheets?
    thanks in advance for your reply.
    I love you idea!
    sherrill graff

    1. I don't have them all yet, Sherrill, but I will be a happy woman when I do! LOL I got the 2 large rolls at the Big Box store years ago and never used them. So, I put them under my area rug for about a week and flatten them out by walking on them. The others are just scraps that I had and ran through my Xyron. Worked great...just pieced it together. Thanks for your nice comment.

  3. Where did you get the magnetic sheets from? My mom needs! to have this! her space is limited and this is the perfect solution

    1. The Big Box Craft Stores have the magnetic sheets in rolls. Or like I mentioned in my Blog post, some Hardware Store cover magnetic Register Vent Covers that work well. Good Luck.

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