Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Aqua Painters

Have you wondered how to use the Aqua Painter with Stampin' Write Markers, Watercolor Pencils, Stampin' Ink Refills or Classic Stampin' Ink Pads? Here are some tips to start using such a versatile product.

The Stampin’ Up!® Aqua Painter is a high quality tool that is very easy to use.  Unlike some cheaper craft store finds, the Stampin’ Up! Aqua Painter has a “check valve” between the barrel and the bristles.  This keeps the painters from leaking water and also prevents the color from being pulled into the barrel.  Easy to clean, the Aqua Painter can be used over an over again with different colors.

1. To use, carefully squeeze the barrel of the painter. If too much pressure is applied, liquid may come out too fast.

2. For best results, empty the barrel and wipe moisture from the brush tip for storage.

3. You can place water or water-soluble liquid (with the consistency of water) in the refillable reservoir.

4. Do not place liquid acrylics or shellac-based ink in the reservoir.  They will not flow correctly.

5. It has been found that on paper lighter than 140 lb, the colors tends to not blend properly.

6. After lifting color from an image, rub the excess color off the brush between your fingers or on a paper towel. (This is also helpful when there is too much water built up in the bristles of the Aqua Painter.)

7. The Aqua Painter can be filled with water, bleach and even Future Floor Wax to be used with different mediums.

8. Stamp with an ink that won't bleed, like Stampin' Up! Archival inks or emboss your image.

9.  This tool is used to pull the color from a stamp or water coloring tool. It is used to blend color to make it look water colored. These work great with the Watercolor Pencils.


Use the Aqua Painter to pull colors to blend and soften them.

Use it to paint a line of water on thinner papers such as, Mulberry paper, for easy tearing.

Use the Aqua Painter to dampen card stock prior to distressing.

Reach for your water filled Aqua Painter to seal envelopes.

Until Next Time,
Denise Foor Studio PA


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